Sweetness In Bloom

  • 60 mins
  • £60.00

Specialised treatment for expectant Mum’s, focussing on key areas using the delicate sweet fragranced Orange Blossom throughout to promote a total sense of calm. Beginning with a specialised foot ritual to relieve swollen, tired legs and feet. Whilst the legs are resting, black soap and eucalyptus cleanses the face and eases blocked sinuses before a facial massage is given to smooth fine lines and tone the skin. A honey, rose & ginger mask, packed with nutrients and sweet enough to eat, is then applied which soothes and softens the face and neck. Finishing with a pure treat for the tummy using warm melted shea butter massage which effectively works to prevent/reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Uplifted Soles

  • 45 mins
  • £45.00

Specialised treatment for expectant Mum’s. A candle-lit foot ritual provides complete lower leg and foot relief using green tea & ginger to energise and uplift the soles! Includes a gentle exfoliation and warm shea butter massage using pre-natal techniques to reduce puffiness and nourish the skin.