Compulsory Retail Notice For All Katherine Daniels Appointed Salon and Spa Websites


Katherine Daniels home care products are available from Appointed Salon and Spa Stockists.

We strongly recommend that you continue to visit your Katherine Daniels Therapist for regular 
skin analysis and in-salon Katherine Daniels Professional treatments along with the regular and 
continued use of Katherine Daniels homecare as prescribed by your Katherine Daniels 
Therapist. This allows a Katherine Daniels skin care professional to regularly analyse your skin and make 
accurate personalised treatment and homecare prescriptions to ensure your skin is treated 

We do not recommend any use of any of the Katherine Daniels homecare products without a 
current and up to date skin consultation and prescription by your Katherine Daniels Appointed 

We do not recommend buying Katherine Daniels products from any internet auction or 
discount site. Products found on these sites are not from an Appointed Katherine Daniels 
stockist and as such, many products are out of date, active ingredients degraded, are usually 
unsuitable and, in some cases, even partly used or fake.

No warranties or guarantees for skin type or product suitability are given for Katherine Daniels 
homecare products without a patch test and current Katherine Daniels homecare prescription 
from your Katherine Daniels Therapist.

We offer skin analysis and consultation FREE of charge.
Please phone for an appointment or ask for your “Katherine Daniels Homecare Prescription” at 
your next salon visit.

Applicable law: England Contract made in Bedfordshire
Jurisdiction for UK and Northern Ireland is specifically in Bedfordshire
It is agreed that all proceedings will be issued and heard in Bedfordshire, UK